iPhone Photos save to PC

With the invention of the iPhone as a first useful smartphone, has been revolutionized the world of photography too. Meanwhile reach cell phone cameras with resolutions of more than 12 megapixels the quality of compact and SLR cameras. With additional software is it possible to change the pictures and videos directly on the device. All the more interesting is it to archive these pictures and videos for posterity. With iTunes can you synchronize photos with the PC, but only in a predefined folder. A major disadvantage is that the on computer deleted photos are also removed from the iPhone and iPad. Read how easy it is to download pictures and videos from iPhone with the iDevice Manager.

Photos/Videos backup Picture Preview
Updated for Windows 10
and Windows 7, 8
For iPhone XS and Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPad Pro
and iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, 7, 6S, 6, 5S, 5, iPad 4, iPad Air 2

iPhone Photos with iDevice Manager Presentation

Download Photos and Videos without iTunes

  1. If the iDevice Manager is not installed yet, download the program from here.
  2. Start the iDevice Manager and click the button "Camera".
  3. The images are loaded. Depending on the amount of photos and speed of the computer takes the process more or less time.
  4. On the left side of the program, are displayed the file names and the creation date. On the right a preview window.
  5. To show an image click the file name.
  6. To download one or more pictures or videos, press with the mouse the "Download " button or Right-click a file name. Both times, will be displayed a submenu containing the entries "Download all items" and "Download selected entries".
    Photo download sub menu
  7. To download some photos select the desired file names. Press and hold the Ctrl key and clicking on the file name to select multiple images. By holding down the Shift key and clicking the mouse, will be select all the images from the first to the mouse clicked item.
    Photos selections
  8. Before the iDevice Manager starts the download, can you select the destination folder on your Windows computer.
If the images - e.g. for less free disk space on device - are automatically stored in the iCloud, then only the pictures and videos can be downloaded to the PC, which are physically present on the iPhone or iPad.
iCloud photo download

View Photos on PC

Photo-Preview (Thumbs)

  1. The photo preview is the representation after opening of the photos area.
  2. It shows your own photos, video preview image, photo-sharings and other shared images from the Apple iPhone or iPad.
  3. In this view, are photos shown as a thumbnail, so a small preview. Thus the finding of pictures has become simple.
  4. If the mouse is moved over an image, the iPhone / iPad photo is displayed larger.
  5. In the context menu you will find all the functions described previously section.
  6. To change the view from photo preview to file list, are 2 buttons at the bottom left.
iDevice Manager Thumbnail Photo preview

Photo-List with details view

  1. The program provides on top left a filter with the available photo album names, to find photos easier.
  2. Click in the left file list the image file name.
  3. Then, the image is loaded from the iPhone or iPad and displayed in the preview on the right side.
  4. Below the preview can you find a slider for zoom in and out.
  5. If needed to rotate the image 90 or 180 degree, then use the drop down with the description "Rotation".
  6. To view the image with another photo application on your PC, click the image with the right mouse button and choose from the context menu "Preview in external program".
    Photo contextmenu
iDevice Manager Photo list