iDevice Manager your iTunes alternative

  • All iPhone 13 Models from mini to Pro MAX
  • All iPhone 12, 11 Models Pro, Pro MAX
  • From iPhone 5S
  • Copy Photo, Video onto Computer
  • Transfer Photo, Video onto iPhone
  • Copy Contact vCard files to iPhone
  • Explore the iPhone and iPad Filesystem
  • Convert High Efficiency Image Format
  • iTunes is not needed
Photo and Video in iDevice Manager iOS 15 ready
For Windows 11
and Windows 10, 8
For iPhone 13, 12, 11, XS and Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPad Pro
and iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, 7, 5S, iPad, iPad Air

Transfer Photos and Videos from iPhone onto Computer

Easy coping of your iPhone photos and videos from iPhone or iPad to your computer without iTunes. For safely storing of your photos, use you alternatively copy directly to your online storage Dropbox or OneDrive. The annoying buffering and manual transfer of the pictures is done by the iDevice manager for you.

Learn more about how to Transfer Photos und Videos from iPhone to Computer.

Photos and Videos in iDevice Manager
Photos and Videos transfer to iPhone

Copy Photos and Videos to iPhone

Copying of photos and videos from computer to iPhone and iPad is just as easy as downloading from iPhone. Connect your iPhone with the USB cable on the computer and start the iDevice Manager. Select the photos and videos, which you want to transfer and start the process when the iManager app is also paired to the computer.

Learn more about how to Transfer Photos und Videos to iPhone.

High Efficiency Image Format Converter

Since iOS 11, the iPhone has been offering the High Efficiency Image format for high-resolution photos instead of the JPG format. Because these photos cannot be easily viewed on the Windows computer, offers the iDevice Manager a converter to convert such images to JPG. The iDevice Manager contains a converter with which high quality photos (HEIC and HEIF) can be converted into JPG. If you want, can you activate this function in the settings for permanently converting of High Efficiency Images to JPG, if you transfer High Efficiency Images to the Computer.

Learn how to convert High Efficiency Images.

High Efficiency Image Format Converter in iDevice Manager
Make iPhone ringtones with iDevice Manager

Make ringtones for iPhone for free

To make iPhone tones from your favorite song is very easy and straightforward. The iDevice Manager can convert any MP3 or Apple M4A audio file into a ringtone and copy it to the iPhone within seconds. Simply drag 'n drop the music file of your favorite song into the program and the ringtone is ready. If necessary, the sound can also be cut and thus start and end at the right time.

Lern to use the Ringtone-Editor.

Copy voice memos from iPhone to PC

Copying voice memos from iPhone to PC is easy once you know where the files are. The iDevice Manager shows your iPhone voice memos with all details like recording date, duration and title. You can receive the voice memos when downloading them as original files, i.e. in M4A audio format, or as converted MP3 files. To archive the voice memos, you can choose OneDrive or Dropbox as the download destination.

Lern how you can copy voice memos.

iPhone Voice Memos in iDevice Manager
File Explorer in iDevice Manager

File Explorer to download any files

Who wants to sniff the iPhone file system e.g. want to download files, has the right software within iDevice Manager (formerly iPhone Explorer). The latest version also has a File Explorer like in Windows Explorer to find files and data.

Learn more about how to get access to iPhone files.

Sync Outlook Contacts with iPhone

Transferring Outlook contacts from Outlook 2013, 2016, 2019 to your iPhone or iPad is very simple with the iDevice Manager. The iDevice Manager reads and displays the Outlook contacts, which are then individually or collectively can be transferred to the Contacts app on your iPhone.

Learn to transfer Outlook contacts to iPhone.

Transfer Outlook contacts to iPhone with iDevice Manager
Transfer Windows 11 contacts to iPhone with iDevice Manager

Sync Windows 10/11 Contacts with iPhone

Transferring of Windows 10 and Windows 11 contacts to your iPhone or iPad is not a big deal. The iDevice Manager makes the transfer of Windows 10 or Windows 11 contacts so easy as possible. Check it yourself that you can transfer the Windows contacts with just 2 clicks.

Learn to transfer Windows 11 contacts to iPhone.

Transfer Google Contacts to iPhone

Importing Google and Android contacts to your iPhone is no big deal with iDevice Manager. The iDevice Manager reads in Google contacts and displays them. They can then be used individually or together can be transferred to the Contacts app on your iPhone.

Learn to import Google contacts into iPhone.

Import Google and Android contacts to iPhone with iDevice Manager
Import vCard contacts to iPhone

vCard Kontakte in iPhone speichern

Transferring VCF files, i.e. vCard contacts, to your iPhone or iPad is possible with the iDevice Manager. VCF files are imported with 2 clicks. Convince yourself and download the iDevice Manager.

Learn to import VCF files into iPhone.

How to use iDevice Manager - Video Tutorial

Video instructions for using iDevice Manager directly after downloading and installing on the PC. The 4:19 short video tutorial illustrates how easy it is to transfer photos and videos from your iPhone to your PC. It also shows how you can automatically copy videos directly from iPhone to your DropBox or OneDrive archive. The presentation language is German.

iDevice Manager Pro-Edition

The license of older iDevice Manager Pro-Edition versions continues to apply to this new program. If you want to upgrade to the iDevice Manager Pro Edition, visit our Shop.

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it's a great program

Nasser Gad, cairo - 11/25/2021

Easy to use, had some issues with contact but will figure out.

BUCle, New York - 11/21/2021

Seems to wrok very well, but I'm a little sceptical that it may be nag or crippleware.

SDC, Waconia - 11/6/2021

Does everything I need - Great workaround for Apple BS!!!!!

blacksky501, Cleveland, OH - 10/28/2021

Finally can get my iphone 5s songs on my iPhone 13 in 2021

Todd, San Francisco - 10/25/2021

Connection sometimes hard to setup.

Max, Hanover - 10/24/2021

Simple and very efficient!

Peter, CH - 10/15/2021


YUSİF, BAKU - 10/14/2021

very Good and easy to use

sam_h, london - 10/3/2021

very goodddddddddddd

MMS, shiraz - 9/22/2021

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Previous Version iDevice Manager 8

The iDevice Manager currently does not include all functions of version 8. If you want to continue to save SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp messages from the iPhone on your computer, can you continue use the iDevice Manager 8. Both programs can be installed on same Computer. A detailed description of the program can be found on our website.

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Apple iOS 15, 14, 13, 12, 11 firmware devices
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