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Apple presents on September 12, 2017 their next iPhone generation iPhone X, iPhone 8 PlLus and iPhone8 and iOS 11 at the annual KeyNote. The iDevice Manager and the iDevice Manager Pro Edition support iOS 11 and the new Apple smartphones devices. Download and use the iDevice Manager and find out the amazing features to extract data from iPhone or iPad to your Computer or from PC to the iPhone! Another nice feature is the creation and cutting of ringtones from every MP3, M4A and M4R file for your iPhone. A transfer to the device is also included. So you have in just few seconds the latest song as ringtone.

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Richarts, Bkk - 7/7/2017

Wouuu. so good#GlentxiaMU2017

Yovn Khalifornia, Luanda - 5/25/2017

Thanks Bro!! Ajib Jiddan hadza

Abu Hamzah, Jakarta - 5/7/2017

It's top software!

Busch, Chemnitz - 2/11/2017

good soft

belayet, kuwait - 11/22/2016

iphone 6

mehedi hasan, dhaka 1000 - 10/13/2016

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The iDevice Manager - formerly iPhone Explorer - helps to transfer music, photos, movies, SMS, WhatsApp messages and ringtones from iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad in an easy way to your computer. With an easy to use GUI, can you also save, modify and delete contacts on your iPhone. With the iDevice Manager is it possible to use the iPad and iPhone as an Solid Disk to transfer each files. This is a possiblity to take data from home into the office, without any other data storage.

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If you are a power user than upgrade the iDevice Manager to our iDevice Manager Pro-Edition. The extended version is not limited to use, instead of the Free-Edition. Create unlimited ringtones from MP3 and M4A files, backup your SMS and WhatsApp messages.

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