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Great Program

Jeff , Tucson - 3/8/2019

Would love to be able to easily manage/delete messages and attachments from the program

JEff Jaco, Tucson - 3/8/2019


ADAM, ZION - 3/4/2019

Love this product. Allows me to easily backup my iphone

Brenda, central nj - 3/2/2019

Works really well

Gary Moore, Peterborough - 2/27/2019


Tomas, Ljubljana - 2/26/2019


Marcin, Szczecin - 2/26/2019

Usefull and very practice. It will be better if we have a french translation !

Dominique BARBIER, France - 2/24/2019

life saver

JOjo, Superior - 2/21/2019

Easy to use and friendly.

Mohammad Shehab, Beirut - 2/14/2019

Great app!

LLarry, Amsterdam - 2/13/2019

Good app.

SerdarD, Ankara - 2/11/2019

One of the best app I have use so far for managing apple / IOS decvives

Tanvir, Sydney - 2/10/2019

Very nice and helpful! finally!

Mineral, Houston - 2/10/2019

its great yo dog

keet kitsom, bloomsbug - 2/4/2019

Easy to use, and the coupon makes it free.

shengroy, tuscaloosa - 2/2/2019

Excellent software!!!

Hector Q., Cali, Colombia - 2/2/2019

Best manager I have used!

Dave, Pittsburgh - 2/1/2019

It has been the best software yet for file viewing on iPhone!

Ashli Wincapaw, Kansas City - 1/30/2019


p, y - 1/29/2019