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hub, yes - 6/7/2020

What a fantastic piece of simple to use to access, transfer, copy, move and use all the files that you cannot access on a WIndow's PC!!!! After looking around, installing and trying a load of other "compatible" similar softwares, just to simply move my drone footage, from my ipad's & ipad mini's, the ONLY one that actually worked (without having to spend $49.00, was the free version of iDevice Manager PRO! If you are looking for a quick, intuitive and easy GUI, this has it, click the button, select your files, transfer then to your PC. I have actually uninstalled Apple iTunes, as this is less complex and actually works as advertised. Well done to the coders and keep it up the good work. I will actually now try the other softwares from SOFTWARE4U, as this ticked all the right boxes and the PRO version is well worth the $12-13 dollars, for what it can do :-) Cheers Arthur

Arthur Price, Malaga - 6/3/2020

Excellent app easy to use does exactly what you want it to do. Excellent 5*****

Stu, Liverpool - 6/2/2020

A very good product! Very friendly.

Dr nONE, Athens - 5/27/2020

Very Good indeed!

George Camb, Athens - 5/27/2020

great tool makes protecting critical data way better

Robert Lorne, CALGARY - 5/27/2020

First impression is excellent! The installer needs a few adjustments though; shouldn't reboot without warning the user and asking for permission (I go for months at a time without rebooting and have a lot of windows open). Also, after the reboot there's nothing to tell the user to restart the installer to continue; it appears to be a failed installation, which almost caused me to give up on the software, which would have been a shame.

Mike Newman, Hillsboro Oregon, USA - 5/24/2020

Easy to use, powerfull

Cédric, Switzerland - 5/22/2020


SIMLOCK, NIGERIA - 5/22/2020

It works but is quite slow

Easel, London - 5/21/2020

In a few words the software works remarkably well and user friendly.

Joseph franks, skipton - 5/16/2020



Highly praised. does the job of transferring files with ease and is user friendly.

Shackleton, Keighley - 4/27/2020

can be very slow and bit long winded to use

zowie biden, coulsdon - 4/26/2020


jair, FOZ DO IGUAÇU - 4/26/2020

Excellent...easy to great

Mike Harris, London Ontario - 4/24/2020

LOVED this app! Keep up the good work.


its good app

Anmol, debrecen - 4/21/2020

excellent software, backups of iphone 6s done easily

menal, nairobi - 4/20/2020

It helped me recover some photos that would not transfer the normal way. It really saved the day!

Eric, Saint Helens - 4/20/2020