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Idevice manager is the best app for transfering photos and videos to the pc. Only the connection sometimes didnt work

Abdul , Stuttgart - 11/21/2019

It's usable

Jeffrey, Bangkok - 11/19/2019

Allowed me to retrieve my music which I thought was lost

Luke, Australia - 11/19/2019

Nice tool

Peter Schaer, Hohtenn - 11/14/2019


Mosaad Aljobair, Riyadh - 11/13/2019

Nice Software, filling gaps between Apple & Windows

M. Gentz, Germany - 11/13/2019

Great piece of software that will provide the options to download the files from the computer (not just pictures or videos but also the access to recordings, and ringtones).

Andre, Vancouver, BC - 11/12/2019


Jiri, Prague - 11/9/2019

Great piece of software that lets you do so much more with your phone than iTunes does, Easy to use and very intuitive. Wish I had found this years ago!

William Palin, Edinburgh - 11/8/2019

Using the old Apple branded, unnamed content manager on anything other than an Apple device is a nightmare. The software has been abandoned and near impossible to Navigate. This software solves the problem. Quick, Easy, well worth getting the Pro Edition. Chances are it does exactly what you need it to.

Jeff W, Orlando - 11/6/2019

Worked ok for the first time but not recognizing device when I reconnected my phone.

Giri, Bridgewater - 10/31/2019


fdfg, fgfdsg - 10/27/2019

best ever

jewkillah, Klippan - 10/27/2019

awesome I love it works with all my devices

harold groening, killarney - 10/21/2019

I love you

mdp, ferdows - 10/16/2019

Useful app

Mark Fischer, Bremreton - 10/16/2019


KEN, dULUTH - 10/14/2019

very powerful tool thanks

ali, toronto - 10/13/2019

Easy to use.

Theodore Hafkenscheid, Melbourne - 10/13/2019

Great APP

Richard, McKinney - 10/12/2019