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Michael F, pembroke pines - 7/19/2019

It is a very convenient app to use for my iPhone!

Stern Oak, Hendseron - 7/17/2019

muy Buena aplicacion 100 % recomendable

silvio, usa - 7/16/2019

Best software you can use easily

Ty Dekorr, Brisbane - 7/16/2019

Its a great apps

come8, Kuala Lumpur - 7/15/2019

good app

miis, tallinn - 7/15/2019


Regi, Latem - 7/14/2019

Semplicemente favoloso!

Giuseppe Perpiglia, Crotone - 7/14/2019


Rai, Male' - 7/12/2019


Carlos, Rincon - 7/11/2019

Help wilmacurley

Wilmacurley, Calgary alberta - 7/7/2019

thank you

javad, tehran - 7/7/2019 does not work on WIndows 7 nor 10. Message:Windows a signalé une erreur fatale dans la communication entre les composants iTunes / iPhone et Microsoft .NET Framework, qui est utilisé par iDevice Manager. Redémarrer le programme.

Françoise, Rennes - 7/6/2019

I was able to save a few text threads. Very useful!

Brian, Salt Lake City - 7/4/2019

Prima; excellent

J. Meijer, Den Haag - 7/4/2019

good software

saurabh, bengaluru - 7/2/2019

brilliant and easy

cj, london - 6/20/2019

Solid program, but a little weak on instructions or general help. So far so good though.

Don, OKC - 6/18/2019

A generally useful tool spoiled only by the constant prompts to use "Pro Edition".

TSD, Oldham - 5/22/2019

Very nice tool and it works perfectly for my usage

EST, HAmburg - 5/21/2019