Registry Editor and Search

The Registry editor from Registry CleanUP 6 contains an high-performance search engine, which searched 10,000 Registry keys in one second. With a forward- and backward navigation like the Internet browser, can you display, edit or delete each search result. To limit the search result can you filter for whole or part of word, upper / lower case word.

Search Editor
Updated for Windows 10
and Windows 7, 8

How works the Registry Editor?

  1. The Registry Editor works to 80% as well as the search.
  2. With click on a Registry key in the left treeview, are every values displayed in the right list.
  3. A click on the plus-icon of a Registry key, can you see the sub keys below the clicked key. Like Windows Explorer.
  4. If you want to delete a Registry key, click with the right mouse key on the node and select in the contextmenu "Delete key and sub keys".
    Kontextmenü Keys
  5. To delete a value, do the same in the list and select "Remove item".
    Kontextmenü Werte
  6. To add a new and edit an existing value, do the same and select the other menu entry.
Deleting registry values can irreparable damage your Windows and other programs. The Registry CleanUP created no backup or Windows restore point before deleting.
Windows Registry Editor

Supported Windows Versions!

Windows 10
Windows 8, 8.1
Windows 7
32 and 64-Bit Versions