Windows Harddisk-Tools

With the Registry CleanUP 6 do you have a program to find and repaire harddisk errors. A defragmentation and a cleaning solution to delete temporary files and log files is also included in that application. With this tools can the Registry CleanUP help to release more gigabyte disk space. A positive effect of the disk defragmentation is a faster boot and application start of any program.

Check Hdd partition Defragmention Delete temp files System Recovery
Updated for Windows 10
and Windows 7, 8

Check harddisk partitions!

  1. If the Registry CleanUP is not installed yet, download the program from here.
  2. Start the Registry CleanUP and click at first the button "Windows Tools".
  3. Select in the dropdown an hard disk to check.
  4. If you want to start an intensive disk analysis, activate the checkbox "Intensive check". Depending on used disk space can take the analysis operation several hours.
  5. If you enable the checkbox "Start on next start-up", will begin the partition repair on next computer start.
An immediately hard disk test can be start, if no program is using the disk. Die Sofortprüfung der Festplatten Partition kann nur gestartet werden, wenn die Festplatte von Windows oder Programmen nicht benutzt wird. Usually Windows requires an exclusive access to the boot partition - mostly drive C:. If this is not the case, a warning message appears.
Windows hard disk defragmentation and search for partition errors

Hard disk defragmentation!

  1. The hard disk defragmentation will be run after click on button "Disk defragmentation".
  2. If the hard disk a bigger one, takes this process a longer time to complete.
  3. The tool will be optimized every hard disks in your computer automatically.

More free hard disk space!

  1. On the Windows disks accumulate many temporary and Windows log files over time.
  2. This can be very costly to deleted manually or you are using an hidden Windows program.
  3. With that hidden Windows cleanup tool can you delete every useless files very quickly.
  4. Click on the button "Windows Disk Cleanup Tool" to open the program.
  5. That application provides a lot of categories of old and useless files.
  6. Activate every category checkboxes for the best cleaning result.
Windows Disk Cleanup

Windows system restore!

  1. By clicking on button "Windows System Restore" starts this.
  2. In system restore window can you choose between several restore points. A restore point is date of a Windows backup.
  3. As default is the latest security point defined.
  4. However, older restore points can be selected.
You lose every latest installed programs and settings. Your data will be retained! A restoration should be the last option if no other measures have worked.
Windows system restore on Windows 10

Supported Windows Versions!

Windows 10
Windows 8, 8.1
Windows 7
32 and 64-Bit Versions