Transfer music from iPhone to computer

One of the first maneuvers of Steve Jobs after his second time on Apple was the invention of the iPod. The iPod bribed with its user-friendliness. Since then, music has become an even bigger part of everyday life. It was a logical step to integrate music into the iPhone and later the iPad, which succeeded with flying colors. Only the synchronization and management of music with iTunes makes many Windows users no fun. Because the songs are unfamiliar stored on the PC. Who wants to download individual songs from the iPhone or iPad, has few opportunities without the iDevice Manager. We show the following tutorial how easy is it, to download music from the iPhone and search with our App.

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Updated for Windows 11
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For iPhone 14, 13, 12, 11, XS and Max, iPhone XR, iPad Pro
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iPhone music with iDevice Manager Presentation

Download music from iPhone without iTunes

  1. If the iDevice Manager is not installed yet, download the program from here.
  2. Start the iDevice Manager and click the button "Music".
  3. The music songs are downloaded automatically. Depending on the number of songs and speed of the computer, takes the loading process more or less time.
  4. The songs will be displayed in the list with name, artist, duration, album, genre, publication date, rating and file size. If information are not present, the fields remain empty.
  5. To download one or more music tracks, press the with mouse arrow on the "Download" Button or Right-click a file name. Both times, are displayed a submenu with two items "Download all items" and "Download selected entries".
    Photo download sub menu
  6. To download some of the songs in the list select the desired title. Pressing the Ctrl key and click on the entry to select several songs. By holding down the Shift key can you select a range of tracks with the mouse key. Select music
  7. Before the iDevice Manager starts the download can you choose the destination folder.

Play music

  1. For playing a music song on the computer, there are two possibilities.
  2. Use the integrated Media-Player or use an external player on the PC.
  3. Select in the list the music track to play and click in the Media-Player below the "Play" symbol.
  4. To play with an external player, then use the Right-click on the mouse and choose in the context menu entry "Play with external program".
  5. With the pause and stop buttons can playback be stopped.
  6. With the volume slider can be controlled the music loudness.
  7. If you want to play another titel, select the other item in the list.
  8. Stop the current playback and press again Play.
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