Manage Calender Items on iPhone

Who professionally uses an iPhone, is using the Apple smartphone to be up to date. The calendar entries synchronizing with Microsoft Exchange Server is easy and fully automated. To activate the calender sync go to the iPhone settings and enable the calender in the email account. Most people does not know what is an Exchange server and probably they does not use it for the private account. Read the following lines, such as appointments in iDevice Manager are displayed and can be exported.

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Updated for Windows 11
and Windows 10, 8
For iPhone 14, 13, 12, 11, XS and Max, iPhone XR, iPad Pro
and iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, 7, SE, iPad, iPad Air

Show iPhone Appointments on PC

  1. If the iDevice Manager is not installed yet, download the program from here.
  2. Start the iDevice Manager and click the button "Calendar".
  3. The iDevice Manager is checking at first whether the iPhone or iPad backup is up-to-date. If the latest backup date older then 3 days, should it be renewed.
    Create new iPhone backup The information message should confirmed with Yes.
  4. The existing appointments are loaded and the items from current day are displayed the calender view.
    Show iPhone calendar items
  5. The left view displayed the current and the next month as calendar for navigation.
  6. Aside right shows the iDevice Manager the appointments of the current day or the entries from another selected day.
  7. Below can you find a list with the next appointments.
  8. With a click on a appointment in the list, will be displayed the same entry in the calendar view. If the entry has notes, then can you see it in the details view.
  9. A right-click on an entry, display the iDevice Manager a context menu all possible functions for that item..
    iPhone calendar contextmenu
  10. In the standard view shows the iDevice Manager all appointments, reminders, birthdays etc.. For filtering use the drop down menu which contains the types.
    iPhone calendar types

Copy Appointments from iPhone onto the Windows Computer

  1. For copying of a single or multiple appointments in one operation onto the PC, select at first the entries in the appointment list in the bottom area.
  2. Press the "Download" button and select one of the items "Download all items" or "Download selected items".
    Download sub menu
  3. After selecting can you choose the export folder on the computer.
  4. An easier way to transfer data to the computer is using of the Drag 'n Drop support.
  5. Like the first number select at first the entries.
  6. Hold the mouse key and pull the arrow from iDevice Manager onto Desktop or another folder on the computer. If the destination is achieve, release the mouse button.
  7. When you release the mouse key, starts the copy process to the destination folder.
  8. The new file is named by the title of the appointment e.g. "Flug 4U 7057 von NUE nach HAM.ics".
    iPhone calendar download
  9. The *.ics file contains all information about the appointment. The format is a standard and you can import the file into Outlook, Google Calendar and other Apps.