Repair and configure Word

Microsoft® Word (often named MS Word or just Word) is the name of the word processing program from Microsoft. In fall 2015 published Microsoft the Word 2016 in the Office Suite and in Office365. Starting with this release, Microsoft completed the integration of their online data service OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive). With the latest version is it possible to save and archive your documents easily in the Cloud. Word supports more than 20 file formats for a better data exchange with other office solutions like OpenOffice and other programs. As default file format uses Word since Office 2007 .docx and as template file .dotx. The previous formats .doc and .dot are still supported. With modern Word version like 2016 can you design tables, graphics, charts and much more can be placed anywhere on the document. Thus can be created with Word newspapers and magazines. A copy and modification protection as in Excel is also included. This may be useful in teamwork. Various faults can be eliminated only with repair installations, from expensive IT specialists. But with the Office CleanUP is it possible for everyone. The Office CleanUP provides a function to repair the program in a few seconds with just one click. This saves a lot of money.

Updated for Windows 10
and Windows 7, 8
Updated Office 2016
and 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, 97

Microsoft® Word addin management

The possibility to control Word with macros and programs that have been installed as add-in or add-on, is it possible that functions refuse to work. For a failure analysis, it may be useful to disable the add-ins in order to exclude as the cause. The Addin management is also available in modules PowerPoint and Excel.

Word Addin management

Microsoft® Word default folders

Most Microsoft Office applications save documents in the My Documents folder, which is not always desired. To avoid to start every Office application itself to change the default folder, can you easily do that, with the Office CleanUP. 4 The saved work time for the configuration are obvious.

Manage Word default directories

Microsoft® Word macro security

Most users of Word do not know that macros and add-ins / add-ons can be dangerous for your Word documents. Therefore, Word includes very hidden functions for adjusting the access. Additional programs (add-ins) does not work with incorrect settings. With Office CleanUP it's very comfortable to change the settings. Security levels Low, Medium, High or Very High can be activated with just a click, done! The default setting is"High". A special setting is the trust of Visual Basic Word macros, which can be restricted or released.

Setup Word macro security

Supported Windows Versions!

Windows 10
Windows 8, 8.1
Windows 7
32 and 64-Bit Versions

Supported Word versions!

Office 97
Office 2000
Office 2002
Office 2003
Office 2007
Office 2010