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Superb! Solved my problem in seconds

Oswald, Accra, GhANA - 2/17/2022

Simple to use app . Quick to process tasks as well. A great app to try imo

Mohamed Fouard Kanu, Freetown - 2/12/2022

When copy pics and videos, the the desired target folder name can not be edited, sin addition the electiob not started at the last used folder. Copying videos might be slower than the expected. Missing familiar shortcuts, for example select all : Ctrl+A

LeslieJ, Ercsi - 1/29/2022

great program to backup data and photos

Bryan, Clayton - 1/24/2022

I tell you what needs an improvement at first glance at first start, everything else is just working - The HQ etc icons should use another color as the selecting rectangle and on full hd 24 inch display there is half thumbnail space left on the right side, maybe put another scaling ratio to fill the space. Tested on Windows 11 22538.1010 prerelease, iphone 8 thank you very much for the effort ! - happy_user

happy_user, Hamburg - 1/21/2022

ok super narazie bez problemów

SerwisPcGps, Szczecin - 1/13/2022

Excellent software to connect the IPhone with PC

Riccardo, Cosenza - Italy - 12/31/2021


david, New York - 12/21/2021

Very helpful program with regular updates!

b-dolph, Bad Camberg - 12/21/2021

it's a great program

Nasser Gad, cairo - 11/25/2021

Easy to use, had some issues with contact but will figure out.

BUCle, New York - 11/21/2021

Seems to wrok very well, but I'm a little sceptical that it may be nag or crippleware.

SDC, Waconia - 11/6/2021

Does everything I need - Great workaround for Apple BS!!!!!

blacksky501, Cleveland, OH - 10/28/2021

Finally can get my iphone 5s songs on my iPhone 13 in 2021

Todd, San Francisco - 10/25/2021

Connection sometimes hard to setup.

Max, Hanover - 10/24/2021

Simple and very efficient!

Peter, CH - 10/15/2021


YUSİF, BAKU - 10/14/2021

very Good and easy to use

sam_h, london - 10/3/2021

very goodddddddddddd

MMS, shiraz - 9/22/2021

For me this Program is the best, easy to handle. Specially if you do mot like iTunes

ratlos, Waterford - 9/11/2021